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Professional Coaching
Communication Consulting

You Create What You Communicate.



Let’s talk about you for a change. Whether you‘re dealing with relationship issues, job stress, children, divorce, illness, or grief, it helps to have an advocate who will listen and talk things through. 

Professional Coaching


Time to pull you out of the daily grind. Having a bigger picture plan can help you more easily achieve your career goals. Coaching sessions keep you on course, making it easier to navigate your week with clarity of purpose.

Project Consulting


Put some polish on your project. It’s helpful to review a communication endeavor with a seasoned communicator. Bring clarity and confidence to your marketing message, presentation, album cover, and more.

CoCreate Clients

Psychotherapy Clients


Many clients want to strengthen relationships, change unproductive patterns, and create a fresh outlook on life.  Some are facing divorce, healing from illness or relationship injustice, or choosing to release the pain of personal trauma or long-term stress. 

Professional Coaching Clients


Often, clients are looking for fresh ways to jumpstart their careers. They want less office drama and rewarding business interactions. Some are starting a business or working on new creative projects, including music, writing, and art. 

Consulting Clients


My clients are brainstorming  and  creating meaningful projects  that  may  include  communication materials, events, displays,  websites,  and more. I help as an audience, reviewer, accountability partner and second pair of eyes.